Fundraising made simple.

We all understand that fund development is vital to the longevity and strength of a non-profit’s mission, but many community leaders don’t know how to get started. Amanda White Consulting removes the mystery and ambiguity around fund development. At the core, fund development is simply implementing a few key processes and understanding how to foster lasting relationships. While successful fundraising does take time and prioritization, it is not complicated or impossible. Amanda White Consulting makes fund development clear, achievable, and dare I say it, even fun.



Amanda White Consulting helps organizations set goals and a strategic road map for creating new opportunities for financial growth. Find out more »


With a little guidance and some positive support, every organization can secure major gifts and successfully manage the not-for-profit »

Capital Campaigns

Conducting a feasibility study and creating a capital campaign plan will better position organizations for successfully raising millions of dollars. Here’s how I can help »