About Me

Amanda White has been working to advance mission-based not-for-profits and small businesses in Madison and across the country for over 15 years. Amanda’s experience includes small business development, non-profit management, and increasing fundraising revenue. Unique from other consultants, Amanda is fortunate to have worked in a variety of capacities within the small business and non-profit sectors. While she has significant experience in fundraising, Amanda also has strong experience in financial forecasting and administration, statewide program development and implementation, media relations, and even lobbying. These diverse experiences give Amanda an understanding of every aspect of non-profit management, enabling her to create a fundraising strategy that supports an organization’s overall mission and operations.

Amanda’s recent accomplishments at Amanda White Consulting¬†include assisting clients to:

  • Led fundraising consulting for nearly 20 non-profits to raise $20 million collectively
  • secured $2.2 million for a homeless housing capital campaign
  • secured a $500,000 lead gift

I enjoy fund development because a non-profit’s financial success makes possible our inspiring ideas on how to improve our communities and the lives of our neighbors. When combined with ambition, dedication, and a solid vision, fund development enables positive change and lasting impact. Without engaging people with the power to give, none of it is possible.

Fund raising at its core is all about people believing in other people and a shared passion. Seeing first-hand the generosity and true goodness of other community members is amazing!

My overall goal for every client is to show them that fundraising can be simple. While it does require time and dedication, organizations can absolutely achieve fund development success. I also try to make the entire process positive and even fun.

– Amanda White