Fundraising Day Wisconsin – don’t miss it! I’m serious.

Summer is definitely my favorite time of year. Life is a little more sunny, laid back, and I’m one of those rare people who bask in humidity. It’s also the time of year for Fundraising Day Wisconsin – honestly one of my favorite professional events. This one-day┬áconference is a partnership between the Madison and Milwaukee AFP chapters. I attended my first one in 2016 and it far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed that my consulting hero, Gail Perry was the keynote speaker. Penelope Burke, Rachel Muir, and so many other nationally-recognized, phenomenal fundraising professionals provide presentations packed with great advice and recommendations.

But, for me, the highlight of the day is meeting so many other Executive Directors, Development Directors, and Board members who are all working incredibly hard to make Wisconsin an even better place to call home. It’s inspiring.

This year, Fundraising Day Wisconsin is on August 23 in MADISON (we don’t have to drive to middle-of-nowhere Pewaukee! No offense, Pewaukee) Also, Non-Profit AF author, Vu Le, is the key note speaker and he will be both hilarious and provide important insight into diversity, inclusion and our non-profit work. (If you don’t know what AF stands for ask your teenage kids – they’ll know! I had to ask a millennial friend.)

Stop by my vendor booth and say hello. Hope to see you in August.