Fund Development Planning

A Fund Development Plan is critical to build a strong and sustainable fundraising program for an organization. Having a plan sets realistic goals and layouts a framework for how to achieve them. Another important aspect to the plan is the identification of roles among the board, staff, and volunteers. Amanda writes plans that are tailored to the specific needs of the organization. The plan is focused on implementation to help clients hit the ground running once the plan is complete. These are not plans that will sit on the shelf!


Amanda White’s Coaching Service is an opportunity to receive expert advice in an efficient and cost effective way. This service is typically utilized once the Fund Develop Plan is complete. It offers organizations an easier start to implementing their plan. However, coaching can be a great way to get recommendations and feedback on your current fund development efforts.

Topics of the coaching sessions are the client’s choice. Often it is an Executive Director, Development Director, a Board member, or a combination that meet with Amanda for coaching. Amanda provides three different types of coaching:

• Non-profit management coaching (board development and other management issues)
• Fund development coaching (primarily major donor and annual fund)
• Capital campaign coaching

Coaching sessions are usually in person for the duration of 1 – 2 hours. Clients choose to meet as little or as often as they need.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are an exciting venture! To be successful it is vital that an organization is well prepared months, sometimes years, before the campaign kicks off. Capital campaigns are a unique type of fundraising and can feel very overwhelming if the organization has never conducted one.

Amanda offers the following services to ensure the organization is fully prepared and confident in setting off on the journey of a capital campaign.

Feasibility Study – The purpose is to understand your potential donors’ and the community’s perspective on your organization and the potential campaign. It also recommends a specific dollar amount that is feasible for the organization to raise.

Capital Campaign Plan – Getting everyone within the organization on the same page as to goals, tactics, timeline, and roles is essential.

Capital Campaign Coaching – Amanda can offer advice on a range of campaign topics including preparing your prospect list, campaign administration, how to secure an anchor gift, etc. Amanda will accept positions to lead capital campaigns. She is only available for one organization at a time, so her availability for this type of role is limited.