“I found Amanda’s expertise and knowledge to be at the highest level. We were so happy with her guidance of our capital campaign that we extended Amanda’s contract to see us through the entire campaign.”
- Dean Loumos, Executive Director

Amanda prepared Housing Initiatives, Inc. (HII) for a $3 million capital campaign. Planning included:

  • secure $1.1 million in anchor gifts
  • create campaign plan
  • develop a prospect list
  • set-up online database
  • guide HII through the United Way Capital Campaign Committee Approval process
  • conduct grant research and create grant application timeline
  • coach staff on donor relationship building

In late 2015, Amanda was hired to lead implementation of HII’s campaign. At the time of this writing (5/2016) HII is 50% toward reaching our campaign goal of $3 million.

Because HII had a modest communication and fund development program, Amanda led staff through a re-branding process to develop a new communication strategy and collateral to support the capital campaign. Examples of new collateral include:


Housing Initiatives website screenshot

Campaign/Org brochure

Housing Initiatives Brochure Snapshot

Facebook Page

Housing Initiatives fb screenshot


Housing Initiatives Newsletter screen shot

2014 Annual Report

Housing Initiatives Annual Report screen shot